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Go from from stressed and depleted to powerful and juicy in the comfort of your home!

That's a bold claim I know my love, but when you begin to embody your Feminine instead of merely visiting it - it makes all the difference.

And that difference is what SOFT is all about.

Yes! Yes! YES! I'm In!

SOFT- The School of Feminine Transformation - is a Living Feminine Embodiment Mystery and Wisdom School within the Alchemic Tradition.

What this means for you - is that Feminine essence based principles, techniques, tools and BEING are taught, practiced and internalized here to facilitate you in the creation of an extraordinarily orgasmic life, juicy relationships, fabulous business and a life of MEANING. Life changing lessons, ongoing support and deep nurturing of the feminine spirit within you - What more could you ask for?


Join SOFT - The Premiere Space for Women ready to Live with Passion, Pleasure and Purpose


Beginnings. Any Good School begins with an Orientation and Foundations. 

You will receive an orientation so that you can understand how to receive the MOST from this Community and the Courses. Next are our Two Classes in Foundations- these two classes are your foundation and they continue to unfold for you as you travel through the Schools in this Tradition. SOFT is living. This means that it continues to evolve and new classes are Spring forth Organically and Spontaneously based on the Synergy of the women and the threads YOU add to our tapestry.

No more PMS. Learn to Love the Skin you're in!

Your complete space for learning to love and engage with your physical form. From Yoni Eggs to weight loss, from Orgasmic cultivation to Green Smoothies and everything in between. Your body is the culmination and expression of your emotions, mindset and spiritual set point - in this school you will earn how to support your life through supporting your pleasure in your body - students have lost weight, reversed chronic illness, healed uterine prolapse and more!

No More Arguing! Inspire His Appreciation. Be Fascinating!

It is your Feminine nature to long for a permanent life partnership where you can embody as Love - yet  no matter how Spiritual and Educated a woman is - 70% or MORE will end in divorce.

Wife School teaches you the skills, tools and mindset necessary to attract, create, cultivate and sustain LIFE partnership. In this school learn Real tools to end arguments, understand your Masculine partner and keep the passion burning year after year. These teachings save marriages! 

No Hustle, No Grind - Just Ease, Pleasure and Flow!

Create a business based on pleasure and your innate feminine way of doing things without exhaustion and depletion.

In this School learn the in's and outs of Feminine business creation, growth, and continuance - including the pillars for Feminine business, how we work different from Men, the secret of why working more isn't smart and more! PLUS  a fully functional One-Year Goal-setting system, Making money is easy, learn how!

Uncover your YOUnique and Vibrant Expression!

Who are you really? Do you have to choose between your relationships with others and your relationship with yourself? 

Learn the truth of who you are. Every woman's Feminine expression is unique, learn to understand your Archetypes and how they impact and influence your life.  Go deep into the belly of your connection with the Divine to create a real relationship with yourself that’s practical and profound. Travel into your Shadow and learn to love even your darkness so that it can serve you! 

Mothers today are tired and confused, this changes that!  

While we get a lot of “to-do’s” in regard to our children- we get very little guidance and support in regard to cultivating ourselves within our motherhood. Finally here’s a motherhood school that takes care of you. Learn the secret connection between you and your child(ren) that is NEVER spoken of - because no one knows it! Learn how you can engage with this connection to serve your LIFE. 

Understand where the barriers to your ability to nurture are- why they aren't your fault and what to do about them! 

Deepen your Spiritual Connection and Support Your LIFE.

Most modern women were raised in either a Spiritual tradition that excludes them, or with no Spirituality at all. There are reasons that you feel unsafe my love. There is a reason why you give too much, or cut people off. And all of these things can serve you when you find out what they are pointing to, heal any lack of alignment and learn to love yourself! 

Prevent the unknowing harvesting of your energy, how to be more conscious of where your energy goes, and how to be clean in the energy transfer you DO allow!  

A World-Class Sisterhood Has Your Back

Join a highly engaged, loving and supportive Global Sisterhood - The BEST anywhere! Our students reside all over the world, with diverse spirituality, experiences, and ages- ranging from 21-72.  Including Doctors, Engineers, House Wives, Entrepreneurs, Mothers, Artists, and Feminine educators!

Messages from our Students - Your Sisters!

Lori Bell


Author, Creator of The Yes Process

I joined SOFT in 2015, and I’ll be here forever! There is literally no other space like this on the internet! It's amazing the chemistry, synergy, and love that exists in a space without walls.

The greatest benefit of SOFT is the transformative nature of the teachings. This is a way of life...not just training for life. It is a way to BE in life, it fuels life and helps me function in a way that is pleasing, authentic, and delightful. If you are looking for sacred space to express your deepest desires, this sisterhood is your place. It is the most loving place on the planet, designed to hold you close as you learn the way of the Divine Feminine.

Dr. Jaime Brannan, PhD, B.S.

I have been in SOFT since... November 2014. SOFT has given me the ability to Unapologetically Love Me!!!
SOFT has given me the tools to heal my body from diabetes, depression, anxiety, infertility & other PCOS-related symptoms when I felt defeated by the advice from the experts of modern medicine, despite my best efforts to follow every recommendation made.Do you long for the power to heal yourself and freedom from mere symptom management and chemical bandaiding? If a natural holistic approach to healing PCOS-associated symptoms resonates for you, then the SOFT 'Love Your Body' school is the place for you. Here we learn to embody our feminine essence and use our own loving energy, food as medicine, & mindful practices to HEAL our bodies & souls from the inside out!!!

Katie McNulty


I have been in SOFT since October of 2016, my SOFT Sisterhood is the incredible support that holds and supports me & the endless knowledge. Every concern or curiosity I have had so far has been satisfied by the teachings and resources available that have answered my every need. I’ve recently fallen in LOVE!! And SOFT has given me the tools to cultivate the most fulfilling partnership I have ever had. For my future sisters: You deserve freedom. You are precious. I'm here for you. I love you. Welcome home.

Your Most Worthwhile Investment is YOU!

Women invest in others all the time even when we don't realize it. We invest in our employers, in others desires, in our children and loved ones, we even invest in fashion, beauty, monetizable education and vehicles. It's time to make a change. It time to invest in the best thing there is with a guaranteed appreciation... Invest in YOURSELF - invest in SOFT

Fabulous Bonuses

Here are some of the amazing bonuses included with your SOFT Membership


Discounts & BONUS Classes!

7 Back Issues of KKC - an exclusive Feminine focused Ezine. Each issue includes Yoni Egg Lessons, Journal Prompts a Feminine mini course and more! We also have additional Bonus Classes called "Slumber Parties" each one lasts 2-4 hours and is full of enough Secret Sauce to keep you feeling nourished for months!! Also enjoy discounted rates on  retreats, crystals, yoni eggs, and classes not included in SOFT. 


Exclusive Private Group

Students only Private Forum where Namaste frequently hosts on the spot sessions, audios, mini classes as well as Question and answer Sessions. Our Students say this alone is worth the full price of SOFT! 

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