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Someone asked me:

Why am I being so vocal about mothers staying home?

Why is this message so needful?

The reason is simple.

There is no more effective way to transform a society than at the level of the maternal-child relationship.

Every man and every woman was once a child.

A baby.

And the role of the mother in developing the child is immeasurable.

She can only truly understand this from the space of connecting with herself deeply and parenting from there.

For too long we have attempted to get our society and communities to do what is OURS to do. We have made them (this nebulous undefinable “them” ) responsible for our children’s formation. We have tried to give the responsibility for our children’s sense of safety, self-esteem, fairness, kindness, self-image, connection, etc to external forces beyond our control.

Don’t misunderstand my love.

This is NOT about blaming mothers.

This is about understanding the amazingly powerful and irreplaceable role of a mother so we can reclaim not the title, but the ability to inhabit the space.

Let’s introduce the Alchemy… in the modern world, we are only taught how to have the Form.

We are not taught how to BE the Function, and thus we deny and are denied the power, the potency of the position.

This creates not mothers but Maidens with children, regardless of age. Not wives but girlfriends with rings.

Not wise elders but people who have survived long enough to be merely senior citizens. With great power comes great responsibility.

With each Age or Period of life comes a Power and a Responsibility.

This power and responsibility is something so ineffable it can not be described in a way for you to understand it. You must experience it.

It goes beyond the intellect and far beyond the qualifiers of measurements based on the right amount of hours for XYZ activities.

If a mother is still enough… Quiet enough… She can feel it within herself… The quiet voice of mother wit. She knows and she’s always known. That’s why she’s frustrated and frazzled.
She can not do it all.
She’s not supposed to, no one is.
She just needs to do her part.

And this is her part.

If mothers really knew the power of being at home they’d all flee the workplace like it was on fire.

There’s such deep alchemy there.

Let me say, this to those of you who are unpartnered mamas… (If you want to be home with your children it is possible you just have to first connect with the desire and then get creative and think outside the box.)

The idea that you have to hustle, work two and three jobs etc; is simply not the ONLY way.

For those who are consciously choosing that… This message isn’t for you.

For those who feel like you can’t do anything else… If you started planning now, you could be doing something way different within a year.

Begin with believing it is possible.

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