Transmissions feminine

Feminine ladies-

Many feminine women don’t know how to tell when they are in their Feminine Essence versus trying to put on Masculine essence.

Here’s an easy way to tell-

When Masculinity is being expressed (open stance, loud voices, etc) or embodied by men… How do you feel?

When you feel unsafe, hostile, combative, competitive, a desire to run away or shrink… You’re in Masculine.

When you’re in Feminine Essence you will feel safe and protected in that same scenario.

This is because your “masculine” is never alpha to his. When you as a feminine woman inhabit masculine space you can only be omega to his. As omega, a fight or flight response is triggered in the presence of an alpha.

In your feminine, this doesn’t occur because there is NO COMPETITION.

This is part of why I say Feminine Women (inhabiting femininity) feel wonderful in the presence of men, and find great comfort there.

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